Registration and Enrolment

Enrolling in classes

Students who are eligible to attend enrol themselves in courses using the University’s online enrolment system, in accordance with the regulations of the Faculty and its teaching units. All students, whether newly admitted, returning or continuing, must formally enrol in their courses.

Students who do not plan to complete a course(s) in which they are enrolled must formally drop the course using the University’s online enrolment system in accordance with the deadline specified for the term associated with the course.  Deadline dates for adding and dropping courses may be found on the Important Dates page published by the Office of the University Registrar.

After the last date to drop a course without academic penalty has passed, the Senate Policy on Withdrawn from Course (W) Option permits students to withdraw from a course(s) up to the final day of classes in the term. Such courses will remain on a student’s transcript, with a “W” showing as the grade decision. Details are provided in the Withdrawal section of the Undergraduate Calendar.

Dropping courses may have a financial impact; students are urged to review the financial deadline information also available on the Important Dates page.

Confirming your registration

Once you have selected and enrolled in courses, the next step is to confirm your registration and attendance at York, and unlock a variety of student tools and services for you. If you are a new or visiting student to the university, in order to confirm your registration, you must pay your deposit within the timeframe specified in the Enrolment and Registration Guide.  Continuing students are automatically registered upon enrolment. You also have a responsibility to satisfy any other outstanding financial obligations owing to the University.

Please note: for complete information on enrolment, consult the Enrolment and Registration Guide available at