Student Accounts Information

Detailed information regarding fees owing to the University for an individual student, including tuition, supplementary fees, residence charges, meal plans and health plan charges, are available online. Statements of balances owing are not routinely mailed to students. Students are responsible for accessing their student account online and reviewing information regarding their balances owing each month.

Information regarding student accounts is available at

Methods of Payment

Students pay their fees and other charges (e.g. residence and meal plan) through electronic methods such as Web or telephone banking. Detailed information is available at

Outstanding Academic Debts

York University Senate policy stipulates that graduation privileges, enrolment, transcript requests etc. be withheld from any student until all outstanding financial liabilities to the University are settled.

Undergraduate students with an outstanding balance of $75 or more will be blocked from enrolling in courses at the University. In addition, certain sanctions are in place throughout the year such that academic and administrative services are withheld until the liabilities to the University are settled satisfactorily. Detailed information is available at

Service Charges

Late charges are calculated monthly on outstanding student account balances. Detailed information is available at