Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change

We empower, educate and train future changemakers through innovative and hands-on programs for graduate and undergraduate study. Our new programs will empower students with fundamental knowledge, critical thinking skills, hands-on experience, and global perspective to become problem solvers, policymakers, planners, and leaders.

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Degrees Offered

 Undergraduate Degrees

Candidates admitted to a Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change degree program are required to:
 have been admitted to York University as degree students;
 satisfy all the corequisite(s) and prerequisite(s) for courses selected for enrolment;
 satisfy the program and degree requirements for one of the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of arts
    • Honours BA
    • BA
  • Bachelor in environmental studies
    • Honours BES
    • BES
  • Bachelor of science 
    • Honours BSc
    • BSc

Programs and Certificates Offered

  • Certificate in Climate Solutions and Sustainable Energy
  • Certificate in Geomatics: Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing
  • Cities, Regions, Planning
  • Environmental Arts and Justice
    Environmental Science
  • Global Geography
  • Sustainable Environmental Management
  • York-Fleming Dual Credential Program in Sustainable Environmental Management - Currently Suspended

Candidates for Reclassifying a bachelor’s degree as an Honours Degree

Students who have graduated and wish to reclassify their degree to Honours must at the point of completing 90 passed credits have met the minimum academic standing for Honours (grade point averages) and maintained that standing upon graduation.